Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant (KGCMP) is one of the leaders in the development and production of high-tech machines for post-harvest crop handling. We construct machines for cleaning, drying, sorting and calibration of grain with capacity from 3 to 150 tons per hour.


Our grain cleaning machinery can process and calibrate the grain at a grade with high accuracy depending on the task, that is preparing seeds for dropping, sales, shares payments, etc.

Configuration of the components and assemblies of grain cleaning machinery of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant are the latest technological innovations in grain handling. We have achieved virtually extremely high rates in many parameters. For example, our grain cleaning machines calibrate seeds with accuracy, guaranteeing 98% of grain germination. They are also highlycost-effectiveenvironmentally friendly, efficient and reliable.


A unique range of grateless aerodynamic separators for grain cleaning was developed at Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant. The most important feature of the design is the driver amplifier of the airflow. We refused from high-pressure centrifugal fan, the so-called "scroll", and used plug fan..

The airflow passes through the engine, cooling it, and enters directly into the separation chamber. There are no unnecessary obstacles on its way, and besides it comes not from the bottom where there are a lot of trash and dust but from the top. Today it is the most perfect design of grain separator in all parameters.

Зерноочистительная машина ТОР™ НПК "Агро-Вигс"

The use of plug fans in our grain separators allowed installing the frequency converter there - a mini-computer.

ЗАВ с сепаратором ТОР™

The frequency converter allows adjusting the power of engine and running it in different modes, which extends the functionality of the separator, saves electricity, and increases the wear-life of parts and mechanisms.

KGCMP developed and mastered the production of separators with cyclone-setting complex of closed cycle. This unit of one cyclone and two-three setting chambers is designed for circulating air cleaning from the dust in the separator.

Зерновой сепаратор с циклонно-осадочным комплексом

In the cyclone-setting complex, a special labyrinth air-ducting system is combined with a flow section changing system. Cyclone-setting complex clears the air at 98% and with the use of specified additional filters in its construction at 100%. Our grain separatorswith cyclone-setting complexes are for the first time able to change the perception of grain cleaning machine, as a source of long centimeters dust for hundreds of meters around. Grain cleaning machines of KGCMP are environmental friendly, and will not cause complaints from the inspection services. Furthermore, they save additional 30% of electricity.

ЗАВ, оснащённый сепаратором ТОР™ с циклонно осадочным комплексом

We work out and think through every detail, in order all innovations make up a fundamentally new quality machine and a new level of convenience to work with it.

For example, we consistently improve such detail as bag-holder plate. Previously, to change the bag there were required four movements of the hands and now the bag can be changed in two movements. Operator of the grain separator will change bags thousands of times and our design will save him thousands of unnecessary movements.

Зерноочистительная машина ИСМ-5The most popular model of separator, ISM-5, with a capacity of 5 tons per hour, used for transport and storage conveniences, is provided with a single power unit comprising an electric motor, a frequency converter, an impeller, an electric box and a connecting cable. The assembly and disassembly of the grain cleaning machine can be made within a few minutes without any keys and screwdrivers. Folding hinges fix the power circuit, separator telescopic legs are made of a reliable profile and mounted in different positions with the help of screws on the "earned nuts", air outlet port puts on and takes off on slide rails, as well as trays.

The latest development of KGCMP is incomparable mobile cleaning complex SOC-25, which is a mobile mini-elevator.

Main technological principles of grain cleaning machines of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant are cost efficiency, reliability, durability, simplicity of operation and operation comfort.


To create new grain processing technologies, Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant attracts the best scientists and engineers of scientific-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Our experts:

  • The Head of the department of aerodynamics of Kharkov Aerospace University named after N.E. Zhukovsky, Ph.D. Professor Chmovzh V.V.
  • Academician of the International Academy of Science and innovative technologies, Ternyuk N.E.
  • Ph.D. Professor Shushlyakov A.V.
  • Ph.D. Sapelin S.A.

Leading aerodynamic and electronic engineers of Ukrainian aircraft industry participated in the development of aerodynamic grain cleaning machines of Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant and that allowed us to create efficient, cost effective and reliable machines for grain cleaning and processing.