The Kharkov plant for grain cleaning equipment and the company AGRO-VIGS are the exclusive manufacturer of new generation aerodynamic separators.

Our products use unique inventions that were developed with the participation of leading experts and scientists in the field of aerodynamics.

These developments are protected by patents for the invention "Aerodynamic recirculation separator of bulk materials" (patent No. 111922 dated 06/24/2016), patents for 4 (four) utility models that are used in the design of our separators (No. 74522 dated October 25, 2012, No. 74524 from 10/25/2012, No. 79094 from 04/10/2013, No. 101154 from 08/25/2015), due to which a high level of reliability and quality of the products is achieved.

We have specially developed Technical Conditions that govern all the processes of production and operation of aerodynamic separation machines of the ISM brand.

The use of these specifications in the manufacture of separators of other brands is also strictly prohibited and is a violation of our copyrights.

Only our enterprises have the exclusive right to use these developments, inventions and technical solutions.

Copying, modification or any other use of these developments in the design of other grain cleaning machines and separators is strictly prohibited.

Grain-cleaning machines and aerodynamic separators made using our technical developments in their design are counterfeit products, designed, manufactured in an illegal way, in violation of our intellectual property rights.


The sale and use of such counterfeit products is prohibited by the Laws of Ukraine, and is also prosecuted in the criminal (Articles 176, 177, 229, 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and civil (property) order (collecting from the guilty persons, as well as persons who contributed to it the amounts of harm caused) , lost profits, as well as compensation for copyright infringement).

In this case, counterfeit products are subject to seizure, and perpetrators are held accountable.

Now counterfeit aerodynamic separation machines under the ASM brand have appeared on the Ukrainian market.

These machines use our technical developments, protected by patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs. The manufacturers of these separators have also appropriated our specifications protected by copyright certificates.

These facts are confirmed by the relevant conclusions of specialists.

We have already submitted official complaints to the management of the company, which manufactures and sells counterfeit separators.

In fact, by selling counterfeit separators, executives profit by deceiving customers by supplying copied and often low-quality aerodynamic separation machines.

Draw your attention to!

  • If you have been asked to sell or supply counterfeit aerodynamic separation machines, please refrain from such a dubious purchase and contact us.
  • If you have already fallen into the fraud of intruders and bought a counterfeit aerodynamic separation machine.
Please contact us with this information.
Your appeal to us will indicate that you are truly a bona fide buyer. In this case, counterfeit products will not be seized, and our experts will help you in eliminating the shortcomings in its work.

Be careful not to violate intellectual property!

Those individuals and organizations that intentionally allow cooperation with manufacturers of aerodynamic separation machines, which are manufactured under the ASM brand, and also use counterfeit products and our intellectual property, may be recognized as accomplices or accomplices in committing the relevant offenses.

For all issues related to identified facts of the sale or offers to sell counterfeit products, please contact us by phone: +38 066 724 18 36 or write to e-mail: